PearlPlus Online User Manual V1.0

Charting and Clinical Notes

Charting and Clinical Notes

Tooth State Chart

Left click a tooth to set its state. Right clicking repeats the previous selection.


Shows current tooth state calculated from the baseline and all episodes to date. This must be unselected to add a new episode.

Select Episode

Select the desired episode This defaults to the most recent episode.

Selected Episode Treatment Plan

Items added to the chart in Chart Proposals mode appear hear automatically.

Open, Close, Delete or Change

Only one baseline can exist per patient.
           N.B. once an episode has been closed it can only be re-opened for 2 days.

Work flow

Treatment can only be proposed in Chart Proposal(s) mode.

Clinical notes

Date stamped clinical notes with fully customisable Auto Text feature.

Edit Treatment Plan Lookups

See: Setup Treatment Plans for details.

Extra NHS Info

Additional information about an NHS treatment.
Additional NHS info specific to this treatment period should be entered here. This information will be carried through onto any newly created FP17.

Add Item to Treatment Plan

Press to add non-chartable items to the treatment plan. The fastest way to find an item is to search by all or part of the treatment name and press Add Selected Item. See Setup Treatment Plans to edit treatment lookups, or           for unique items that are unlikely to be needed again use the Add non Listed Item section.

View FP17DC

View FP17DC First Page (Front) or both pages (full).

Delete Item

Items can only be deleted from open treatment plans.

Bill done items

Bill all items marked as Done. Check boxes to close the treatment plan, update last treatment date with selected date and automatically create an FP17 (NHS treatments only).

Mark All As Done

Marks all treatments as Done.

Veiw patient's FP17 forms

Shows all FP17 forms ascociated with the patient. Can also be accessed via Patient Record screen.

Private Reports

Generate Estimates for private treatment.

Digital X-Ray Links

If enabled, opens the patient's x-ray profile using the default program.
The X-ray Quality Tool, can be enabled through the Setup Xray Links menu and shows previous x-ray sessions along with their quality and any faults.
To lauch your xray software from the X-ray Quality Tool press the button.
The Reports button displays reports on the quality and quantity of xrays in the given time period grouped by fault, patient or user.