PearlPlus Online User Manual V1.0

Periodontal Assessments

Periodontal Assessments

Periodontal Episode

Episodes are displayed in reverse date order. Only Basic Perio Exam figures and Periodontal Notes are visible from the overview. To show or amend an assessment select an episode and press Show.
NB. Only today's assessments can be amended.

Add Perio Assessment

Click to create a new Periodontal Episode. The Assessment Date and Created by are automatically generated. This area charts the BPE and Periodontal Notes with AutoText. Press the Print button to create a printable version of the assessment.
Six point Recession, Pocket Depth, Bleeding, Plaque, Suppuration and Mobility scores can be charted in the Upper and Lower tabs of the assessment.

Compare Perio

Use Compare Perio to compare side by side periodontal assessments over time. Use the radio buttons to change between the different views.

Delete Record button

NB Deleting a record is PERMANENT.