PearlPlus Online User Manual V1.0



Selected Practitioner's Diary

Default's to the current Bookmark or today's date if no bookmark is set.

Patient Appointment History

Shows the patient's future, past, cancelled or 'failed to attend' appointments.

Print Patient Appts. button

Creates a printable appointment reminder for all of the patient's future appointments.

Print Family Appt. button

Creates a printable appointment reminder of the family appointment for the selected family.

Print Selected Appt Group button

Select an appointment type for the current patient from Old, Future, F.T.A. or Cancelled and create a printable list with this button.

Print Daylist button

Print all Appointments for the selected dentist on the selected day.

Diary Bookmark

Bookmarking a page will reopen that day when returning to the appointments tab after navigating away. Removing the bookmark will return the default to today.

Go to Patient button

Go to the patient record of the currently selected appointment.

Week View button

Provides a diary veiw for the selected practitioner for the week, see: Week View.

Day View button

A useful tool for comparing Practitioners' diaries. See: Day View.

Appointment Controls

To add, edit, delete move or copy an appointment use these controls. If an appointment already exists you must use the Double Book feature, rather than adding a new appointment directly.
 The Find a Slot button finds the next available appointment of a given length for the requested practitioner(s).
Select the desired appointment length and practitioner and any specific requirements and press search to automatically find the next available appointment. You can then skip appointments, appointment blocks, practitioners or days with the corresponding button

Quick Search Calendar

Navigate by clicking on a day or use the Calendar Jump Buttons to quickly navigate to the relevant day.