PearlPlus Online User Manual V1.0

Patient record

PearlPlus is a patient orientated system, meaning to book an appointment, perform treatment or make a payment you must first select the correct patient.The patient record tab shows general, non clinical information about the current patient and also has tools to select or contact groups of patients.
Patient record

Search by Surname

To quickly find a record type at least the first three characters of their surname. This will display all patient records that match - left click to select a patient.

Search by selected field

To search by by another field, e.g. D.O.B place your cursor in the relative field and use the Find on Selected Field tool. You can search by any of the patients' details and Match Any Part of Field, Whole Field or Start of Field to narrow the search.

Patient Status

Select the patient's NHS/Private Status. Other patient statuses such as dental plans can also be added, see: Setup Patient Status.

Filter Controls

Filter patients based on a selected field or by date range. First find a record using the Find on Selected Field button. Place your cursor in the field you wish to filter by and use the Filter by Selection or Filter Excluding Selection buttons filter to include/exculde all records that match the current record on the selected field. Multple filters can be applied at once. Press Filter - Remove all to show all patients.
The number of records in the current filter is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the patient record screen.
The Filter by Date Range tool allows  the user to select all patients who have an appointment date, treatment date or any other date stored in PearlPlus.
Presets at the top of the screen quickly auto populate the start and end dates.
Press View Current Filter to display the current filter parameters.

Merge labels and lists

Produces printable  patient lists or address labels for the current filter.


Send recall or reminder messages, see: Creating a Recall or Reminder.

Add new record

Pressing the  Add New Record button opens the following screen. Required fields are Surename, Forename, Title and Dentist but to prevent duplication Addresses and Dates of Birth are highly recommended.

Orthodontic Assessments

Specialist tool for performing Orthodontic Assessments, see: Orthodontic Assessments for details.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes automatically pop up when a patient record is opened. They are useful for quick notes about a patient but should NOT be used to store important information as they are not permanently tracked.
Press the button to setup sticky note types or go to Setup Sticky Note Types.

View Patient's FP17 Forms

Shows all FP17 forms ascociated with the patient. Can also be accessed via Charting and Clinical Notes

Xray Links

The Xray Links button launches your specified xray software and passes it the patient infomation. If enabled, the Xray Quality Tool shows all xray sessions and allows comments on the quality of each
PearlPlus can link to most common Xray packages - if your desired program is not yet supported it may be possible to add custom support, contact us directly. To change or add Xray links to PearlPlus or enable/disable the Xray Quality Tool go to Setup System Menu.

Family member controls

Find family members: filters records by address.
Add family members: Adds a new record with the given address.
Change Family address: Allows multiple family members' adresses to be changed at once.

Delete This Patient

Use this button to delete the current patient. Details of deleted patients are stored for read only access at a later date (see Reports - Deleted Patients), but CAN NOT BE RESTORED. If a patient has important financial or clinical data relating to their record you will be unable to delete the patien't record. For these reasons it is recommended you change the Active Status for deceased or innactive patients instead.

Warning Flags

 This area will show any current warning flags asociated with the patient.
           Possible flags are:
Warning Symbol
Flag Name
Patient Owes Money
Patient has outstanding bill(s)
Patient in Credit
Patient account is in credit
Medical Warning
Medical Alert/Warning box checked:
Future Appointment Booked
Patient has a future appointment.
Patient failed to attend
Patient failed to attend their last appointment
Patient not allowed to book appointments

Recall by

Selects the patient's contact method for recalls and reminders. To alter the Recall By method for all patients you can use the Recall by tool.